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3 Ways Allen Press Supports Sustainable Printing

3 Ways Allen Press Supports Sustainable Printing

3 Ways Allen Press Supports Sustainable Printing

Green is a harbinger of Spring, so it’s only fitting that Earth Day falls during this season. At Allen Press, we strive to be green all year long.  A commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint has long been a part of our company’s mission in operating responsibly.

Here are three ways we help our customers print sustainably every day.

1. FSC®-Certified Paper

Customers can choose Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified paper. FSC®-certified paper promotes an environmentally managed and sustainability-focused supply chain. To maintain FSC® certification, Allen Press is audited annually to ensure its processes meet the chain-of-custody standards and regulations. Customers can also choose to place the FSC® logo within their printed material to show their support of the program.

2. PrintReleaf Partnership

Allen Press is proud to be a PrintReleaf partner. PrintReleaf offers customers the option to offset paper usage with re-forestation support. The PrintReleaf technology platform certifies and calculates how many trees were harvested to produce a print publication. Then the company replants, or “releafs” an equivalent amount in forests throughout the world.

3. Recycling

Did you know Allen Press is one of the largest recyclers in Lawrence, Kansas? We recycle 100% of byproducts like paper, aluminum printing plates and corrugated cardboard. We try to reduce waste during the printing process whenever possible through efficient processes and holding ourselves accountable to waste goals on every printing shift.

On average, we recycle 270,000 pounds of paper, plastic and corrugated cardboard every month.

To find out more about our FSC-certified paper options (FSC-C006300) or to join the PrintReleaf program, just ask your sales executive or contact us at