Lawrence, KS
Social Impact 

Because Who We Are Is More Than What We Do

Diversity makes us stronger.
Promote women and give opportunities to those who are more than capable but often overlooked due in part to socioeconomic status, social mobility or immigrant origin.

Lifting others up instead of holding them down is part of who we are. Our team has a casual dress code so they can spend more on their families and less on appearance. Degrees alone are not a requirement to get ahead.

Providing a living wage is the right thing to do regardless of the industry. And closing the gender pay gap is long overdue.
We are deeply connected and must contribute to the local and world communities. Developing meaningful relationships with people at home and abroad is important.

Being considerate of the environment is a given. Sustainability is a key factor when making business decisions and planning for the future. We must treat our surroundings and all living things with respect and dignity.

Make an effort to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Not just those who live in certain countries, hold positions of power or who work at privileged universities.

Encourage people to be themselves. Build an inclusive and nurturing workplace. Freely support expressions of creativity and innovation, especially through startups, the arts, culture, education and literacy.


Based in Lawrence, KS for over 80 years, Allen Press is attached to this unique and wonderful place we call home. Supporting our community not only makes good business sense but is also the right thing to do. Through donations, events, volunteering efforts and pro bono services, we are committed to giving back and doing good in our home town. 

The Willow Domestic Violence Center

The Center provides safe haven for those who are affected by domestic violence. They field upwards of 3,700 crisis and referral calls, house 300-450 adults and children and serve over 2,500 our our neighbors and friends throughout Douglas, Franklin and Jefferson County each year. 

Van Go, Inc

Van Go, Inc. is an arts-based social service agency that provides year-round after-school and summer job-training programs to high-needs and under-served youth, ages 14-24. We proudly donated to the Benchmark Program and will be paired with a young artist for an original Van Go Bench in Summer 2019. 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Douglas County partners with businesses and organizations to provide local school children the necessary supplies they need to succeed in the classroom. Allen Press volunteered at the 2018 Back 2 School Supply Drive which has provided almost 6,000 kids with school essentials over the past six years.

Lawrence Chamber 

The goal of the Lawrence Chamber is to spark business growth and represent its community members. This organization has supported and promoted businesses within Lawrence and the Douglas County region for 138 years.

EDC of Lawrence & Douglas County 

The EDC of Lawrence & Douglas County provides leadership and advocacy to the community in order to achieve job and wage growth, workforce development, an expanded tax base and economic prosperity for the citizens of Lawrence and Douglas County.

Toys for Tots

Douglas County Toys for Tots is 100% volunteer run and all toy donations stay right here in our community. Donated items are set up in a shop so parents can select just the items for their kids. The group will even deliver toys if people can’t come to them.

United Way of Douglas County 

United Way of Douglas County works to get the community moving and make connections among people and organizations who can help advance the common good. Education, health care and access to tools and support for self sufficiency are their main focuses.

The Lawrence Schools Foundation

Lawrence Schools Foundation recognizes a Distinguished Teacher of the Year each May at Lawrence and Free State High Schools. We’re proud to fund the LHS award and support all of our outstanding USD 497 educators. We also proudly helped several local children and paid off their overdue lunch accounts. 


Sustainability is a key factor when making business decisions and planning for our future. We will qualify and even dissociate from vendors that don’t share our commitment to sustainability and social impact. Our newest technologies adhere to strict guidelines of emission outputs and fuel efficiencies.

Certified Paper
FSC® C006300

We offer a variety of paper choices that are FSC certified and/or contain post-consumer waste (PWC). If you choose to use an FSC-certified paper, you may include the FSC and NEPCon logos in your publication to share your commitment to sustainability with your readers.

Vegetable Inks and Reduced VOC Emissions 

Allen Press offers customers the option to use environmentally friendly inks that contain vegetable oil and other bio- renewable content (BRC). These inks are naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and produce fewer emissions.


We are the largest recyclers in Lawrence, Kansas and recycle 100% of our byproducts. This includes paper, aluminum printing plates and corrugated cardboard from our print production facility. Employees support our sustainability mission through organized grassroots efforts.

Ready to Create Change? 

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