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Allen Press to Partner with Core Spaces on Downtown Development

Allen Press to Partner with Core Spaces on Downtown Development

Lawrence, Kan. – October 15, 2018– Allen Press, Inc. has reached an agreement with Core Spaces, from Austin, TX, to partner on a new mixed-use development located at 11th and Massachusetts Streets. The project application, filed at City Hall on October 15, does not ask for any tax incentives or subsidies.

“We’re aware that some Lawrence residents, and even City commissioners, are wary of downtown projects because of other developers’ refusal to provide basics like additional parking. Core and Allen Press took the opposite approach and our project includes a dedicated parking garage,” says Allen Press CEO, Randy Radosevich.

Radosevich adds that he sympathizes with the feelings of Lawrence residents, many who have complained about the repeated tax incentive demands made by some long-time local developers unwilling to do similar projects without such subsidies.

“When we started to look for partners months ago, we were told this kind of project just couldn’t be done in Downtown Lawrence. Now, we finally have a socially responsible project that everyone can be proud of, with zero tax incentives, a dedicated parking garage and architecture that is culturally sensitive, innovative and modern,” Radosevich says.

Located at 11th and Massachusetts Streets, the project will be developed on the site of the former Allen Press headquarters and is positioned as the southern gateway to Downtown Lawrence.

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