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Lead Generation Tactics for Increasing Society Memberships

Watch the video to learn how content marketing can help grow society memberships

This webinar dives deep into how associations and societies can use inbound and content marketing tactics to gain new memberships.

Webinar Overview

What is lead generation? HubSpot defines lead generation as, “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your organization’s product or service.”


Here are some content marketing tactics to help attract new members and convert them into quality leads:

  • Blogs
  • Meeting exhibits and conferences
  • Direct mail
  • Trials, discounts and long-form content
  • Webinars

How to use blogs to attract new society members

Blogs drive traffic to your society’s website. They also increase brand visibility and probably most importantly, position your association as a subject-matter expert. When people come to your society’s website and read a blog, hopefully, the content is positively reflecting the expertise and knowledge within that scientific specialty.

Watch the full video above to learn more about how to use content marketing strategies to gain new society memberships.

Are you using conferences as a lead generation tool?

Every society or association should use meetings, exhibits and conferences as a lead generation tool. Event marketing is still an effective tactic to gain new society memberships. Attending society meetings and conferences is a great way to interact with your society’s target audience and introduce prospective members to the brand.  Even if it’s not the precise target audience, meetings on sub-specialties or adjoining subject matters can still present your organization with a new opportunity to reach a unique market segment.

Direct mail still produces results

Direct mail may be traditional but it still produces excellent results as a lead generation tool. Printed materials provide a lasting impression. Personalizing is key when using direct mail. Targeted information converts to leads.

Trials, discounts and long-form content

Trials, discounts and long-form content is the core of lead generation. These are essential tactics that you can use to drive leads for your association or society. They are vital to a marketing toolkit and depending on the goals and audience, can really help grow your society or association.

Webinars drive leads

Webinars can support many objectives, which makes it a great recruitment tool. It can also give further insight into your society’s area of interest or expertise. Capture potential new members when they sign-up to learn more about a topic.

Watch the full video above to learn more about how to use content marketing tactics to grow your association’s memberships.

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